BioFax Quiz 12 - Glycolysis:
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1.Which of the following biochemical pathways does NOT require oxygen?
2.Which of the following biochemical pathways take place in the cytoplasm?
3.How many net ATP are produced by Glycolysis alone per glucose?
4.How many NADH are produced by Glycolysis per glucose?
5.Which one of the following is the 3rd molecule in the Glycolysis pathway?
6.Which one of the following molecules in Glycolysis donates a phosphate group to ADP to produce ATP?
7.Which one of the following is a reduced electron carrier that carries electrons to the ETS?
8.Which 3-carbon molecule is a final product of Glycolysis?
9.How many ATP are used up in Glycolysis per glucose?
10.In an anaerobic environment, which set of reactions directly follow Glycolysis?
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