(refer to Nelson text, pg. 333)

Names of Students in Group


  1. Assemble in a group of 3-4 students and write all your names in the table.

  2. In your group, give each of the insects in Figure 14 on pg. 333 a genus and species name (make them up) and record them in the table below (ie. Beeus furyous, for the bee with yellow fur).

  3. Following the example of the whale dichotomous key, make your own key that allows others in your class to identify each of the insects. Create your key on a separate sheet of paper (not on the back of this sheet).

  4. When you are finished, show this page and your key to the teacher. Groups will exchange keys and use them to identify the insects.

Insect Genus and Species Names:

Insect 1:Insect 4:
Insect 2:Insect 5:
Insect 3:(Genus name = capital, Species name = small)