Density is actually a ________________________ property of matter. Densities of various substances can be looked up in _______________ _____ in the text on pg. _______. Using this table, the units for density are either _____/_____ for a solid or _____/_____ for a liquid.

What is the density of water? ________________, potassium? __________, mercury? _____________.
Which one of these would sink in water? __________________

Density is a measure of how much ________________ is crowded into a given ________________. The mass is affected by both the ____________ and ______________ of particles.

PROBLEMS (show all your work including equation and all steps and units)

  1. A wooden block has a mass of 450 g and a volume of 320 cm3. Calculate the density.

  2. The density of ethanol is 0.789 g/mL. Calculate the volume of 600 g of ethanol.

  3. Calculate the mass of a cube of aluminum with the following dimensions: length=3 cm, width=2 cm, height=4 cm.
Also try the "Density Problems" on the zeroBio website (print out the sheet)