Grade 9 Science Exam 2005: General Information
(FINAL version)
Date:January 28, 2005
Time:12:00-1:30 p.m. (1.5 hours long)
Room:SNC1D1-02 (day 1, period 2) in cafeteria
SNC1D1-09 (day 1, period 5) in cafeteria
SNC1D1-06 (day 2, period 2) in cafeteria
Marks:Total of ~145 marks (worth 25% of final grade).
Pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, blue or black pen, ruler, calculator.

Materials may NOT be shared between students. Please do not bring cell phones, CD players, books, notes, or periodic tables to the exam room.

Topics:Chemistry and Physics strands.
Study Tips:Study your notes (including labs, assignments, quizzes, tests, homework) for the Chemistry and Physics strands.

Pay particular attention to quizzes and tests because these indicate the types of questions you'll see and stress the more important concepts from the course.

Re-read chapters in the text (ie. Chemistry: Chapter 5 - 8, Physics: Chapter 9 - 10). The exam will focus primarily on material in your notes but reading the text may help you to understand better.

Please read the Study Tips on this page.

Internet Resources:Print out the following pages and bring them to class on the date requested: If you have time, work through the practice quizzes and problems on this website including the Grade 9 Science Exam Review (Interactive Web Version) and the Electricity Problems.
Other:The cafeteria will NOT be open to serve food. Please make sure to have a good breakfast supplying lots of Joules of energy so you can do your best! Good luck.
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