Billy is very scared of dogs, and one day while he was walking to school, he comes across a very angry dog. His body automatically reacts by releasing hormones.
Every wrong answer is a bite from the dog; answer all questions correctly to get it back on the leash.

1. Billy's mouth begins to dry out: his salivary glands aren't releasing as much saliva. Is the salivary gland endocrine or exocrine, and why?


2. Before Billy woke up this morning, his hypothalamus began releasing a hormone to cause the release of ACTH. What is the releasing hormone called, and which gland does it affect?


3. ACTH is released and travels down to the adrenal gland, where it stimulates the release of:


4. The adrenal gland has two main sections, and cortisol is released from the cortex, on the outside. What is the other section called?


5. What is the purpose of cortisol?


6. Adrenalin and noradrenalin are released from the adrenal medulla in times of stress. What is a function of adrenalin?


7. Of adrenalin and noradrenalin, which is associated with the emotion Billy is experiencing right now?


8. Billy has high blood pressure - when he's worried or afraid, it gets worse. Which hormone might be responsible for the tightening of his blood vessels?


9. Because it's still early morning and somewhat dark out, Billy is not fully awake. His pineal gland is still releasing small amounts of this "sleepiness" hormone.


10. If the dog bites Billy, which hormone will travel to the wound and act as an anti-inflammatory?


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