Multiple Choice Hormone Quiz

1. The endocrine system is composed of glands that:
    A) have ducts
    B) produce and secrete hormones
    C) are ductless
    D) both a and b
    E) both b and c

2. Adrenalin is also known as:

    A) noradrenalin
    B) epinephrine
    C) norepinephrine
    D) ADH

3. Estrogen is part of what major class of hormones?

    A) proteins/peptides
    B) steroids
    C) prostaglandins
    D) modified amino acids

4. Which hormone is produced by the adrenal cortex?

    A) antidiuretic hormone
    B) oxytocin
    C) corticotropin
    D) cortisol

5. Which hormone promotes strong contractions?

    A) oxytocin
    B) melatonin
    C) prolactin
    D) lutenizing hormone

6. Which hormone's target is not the muscles and liver?

    A) glucagon
    B) insulin
    C) somatotropin or growth hormone
    D) epinephrine

7. The binding of a hormone to a receptor activates an enzyme called:

    A) adenyl cyclase
    B) lipase
    C) acetylcholinesterase
    D) trypsin

8. Adenyl cyclase causes the production of:

    A) ATP
    B) cAMP
    C) ADP
    D) AMP

9. The _______ produces the hormone thyroxine which __________.

    A) thyroid gland; stimulates metabolism and increases body temperature
    B) thymus gland; stimulates the immune system
    C) pineal gland; promotes sleep
    D) islets of Langerhans; converts glycogen to glucose and increases blood sugar

10. Releasing and inhibiting hormones are produced by the:

    A) pituitary gland
    B) pineal gland
    C) hypothalamus
    D) adrenal cortex