1. Which is not an example of an exocrine gland?
    A) Salivary gland
    B) Liver
    C) Pituitary Gland
    D) Pancreas

2. Which are not part of the enodcrine system?

    A) hypothalamus
    B) excroine glands
    C) endocrine glands
    D) pituitary gland

3. Which hormone is released by the thyroid gland?

    A) thyrotropin
    B) prolactin
    C) epinephrine
    D) calcitonin

4. Insulin, glucagon and Somatostatin are a few examples of hormones released from the:

    A) hypothalamus
    B) adrenal glands
    C) thymus
    D) pancreas

5. Which hormone is not secreted from the anterior pituitary?

    A) growth hormone (STH)
    B) thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
    C) oxytocin
    D) prolactin (PRL)

6. A primary function of cortisol is to:

    A) decrease blood sugar
    B) promotes the conversion of glucagon into glucose
    C) promotes the conversion of amino acids to glucose
    D) none of the above

7. Melatonin is secreted in the absence of light promoting sleep. which gland is it secreted from?

    A) pineal gland
    B) pancreas
    C) hypothalamus
    D) all of the above

8. Steriods:

    A) are synthesized from cholesterol
    B) are lipid-soluble
    C) aid in the production of proteins
    D) all of the above

9. Which is not one of the four major classes of hormones?

    A) prostaglandins
    B) cholesterol
    C) proteins
    D) modified amino acids

10. Endocrine glands release hormones directly into the:

    A) digestive tract
    B) the major organs
    C) pancreas
    D) bloodstream