Endocrine System
Multiple Choice Quiz

1. Which gland is referred to as the "master gland" ?
    A) adrenal gland
    B) pituitary gland
    C) pancreas
    D) pineal gland

2. Which one of the following is not released by the anterior pituitary gland :

    A) thyroid-stimulating hormone
    B) follicle-stimulating hormone
    C) prolactin
    D) antidiuretic hormone

3. What is secreted when blood sugar levels are high?

    A) insulin
    B) glucagon
    C) oxytocin
    D) epinephrine

4. Antidiuretic hormone acts on the _______ and helps regulate ________.

    A) pancreas, blood sugar
    B) kidneys, body water
    C) liver, oxygen intake
    D) thyroid, protein

5. The target tissue of the luteinizing hormone is the:

    A) gonads
    B) liver
    C) pancreas
    D) none of the above

6. Antidiuretic hormone is synthesized in the:

    A) hypothalamus
    B) posterior pituitary
    C) thalamus
    D) anterior pituitary

7. The division between the nervous system and endocrine system is called the:

    A) thalamus
    B) pituitary gland
    C) hypothalamus
    D) parathyroid gland

8. The four small glands in the thyroid gland are called:

    A) parathyroid glands
    B) adrenal glands
    C) pineal glands
    D) endocrine and exocrine glands

9. Which is not a function of cortisol?

    A) convert amino acids to glucose
    B) convert fats to fatty acids
    C) increase blood sugar levels in response to stress
    D) increase glucose uptake by muscles

10. _______ triggers milk release in lactating females:

    A) glucagon
    B) oxytocin
    C) luteinizing hormone
    D) follicle-stimulating hormone