Handful of Hormones

1. Which hormone promotes the conversion of glycogen to glucose, brings about an increase in blood sugar and increases heart rate?
    A) Aldosterone
    B) Corticotropin
    C) Prolactin
    D) Epinepherine

2. LH is responsible for what?

    A) Testosterome production
    B) Uterine contractions
    C) Water absorption
    D) Sodium absorption

3. PRLRH stands for what?

    A) Posterior lobe releasing hormone
    B) Prolactin releasing hormone
    C) Primary Relation Reacton Hormone
    D) Parathyroid releasing hormone

4. Atrial Natriuretic Hormone's source is the ________ and it's target is the__________.

    A)Adrenal cortex, all cells
    B)Adrenal gland, kidneys
    C)Kidneys, renal artery
    D) Atrium of the heart, kidneys

5. The source of the follicle Stimulating hormone is?

    A) Anterior lobe of pituitary
    B) Posterior lobe of pituitary
    C) Kidney
    D) Hypothalamus

6. What do PRLH and CRH have in common?

    A) The same source
    B) The same target
    C) A) and B)
    D) none of the above

7. Which hormones have the anterior lobe of the pituitary as their source?

    A) FSH
    B) ACTH
    C) PRL
    D) All of the above

8. Glucagon's target is the _____and ____.

    A) Muscle cells, kidney
    B) Mammary glands, uterus
    C) Liver, muscle cells
    D) Kidney, liver

9. Another name for thyrotropin is?

    A) Thyroxin
    B) Thyroidial hormone
    C) Thymosin
    D) Thyroid stimulating hormone

10. Adrenocorticotropic hormone can also be called?

    A) ACTH
    B) Corticotropin
    C) Adrenaline
    D) A) and B)