1. Hormones are chemical regulators produced by:
    A) Cells
    B) Molecules
    C) Atoms
    D) none of the above

2. The pituitary gland is often referred to as the "Master Gland" because it:

    A) exercises control under the ednocrine glands
    B) produces all chemicals that travel to the endocrine glands
    C) Exercises control over the endercrine glands
    D) produces the same chemicals as the endocrine glands

3. Thyroid- stimulating hormone's primary function is to:

    A) release thyroxine from thyroid
    B) promote growth
    C) stimulate folicle growth
    D) stimulate release of all hormones

4. Oxytocin's target is:

    A) overies
    B) testies
    C) uterus and mammary glands
    D) most cells

5. The pituitary gland is composed of:

    A) the anterior lobe
    B) prosterior lobe
    C) kidney cells
    D) two seperate lobes

6. Steroid Hormones are made from:

    A) papillae
    B) cholesterol
    C) phospolipid compound
    D) amino acids

7. Endocrine hormones are:

    A) Chemical controls involved in the regulation of growth,development and homeostasis
    B) non-chemical controls involved in the regulation of growth,development and homeostasis
    C) chemical controls that are not involved in the regulation of growth, development and homeostasis
    D) none of the above

8. The adrenal cortex produces ____ amount of hormones.

    A) 1
    B) 2
    C) 3
    D) 7

9. Adrenal medulla is surrounded by:

    A) Adrenal cortex
    B) Adrenal membrane
    C) nothing
    D) brian

10. The hormones that has the effect of promoting the conversion of glycogen to glucose, brings an increase in blood sugar and brings an increase to the heart rate.

    A) insulin and glucagon
    B) norepinephrineand glucagon
    C) epinephrine and glucagone
    D) epinephrine and norepinephrine