NAME: Dr. Bruce Grey
JOB: Space Scientist
YEAR: 2065
LOCATION: Humanoid Laboratory
STATUS: Prisoner of War

The Re-Seeding Project has ended in total chaos! It's mission, to re-create life on Earth after a nuclear disaster, succeeded in bringing back many common life forms but one species in particular went badly astray ... the Humanoids.

Like an evil version of modern Homo sapiens, they've declared war on the entire planet in an attempt to gain complete control. The few true humans that remain including myself, Dr. Kovac, and Dr. Tyndall, have been captured by the Humanoids and are being held as prisoners of war.

To make matters worse, the Humanoids consider all natural humans a threat. Their scientists have come up with a drug that reverses cellular evolution. Somehow it causes genetic changes which converts human cells back to a primitive state. They've been injecting us ... with each injection, we regress further.

Millions of years of human evolution are being turned backwards while the Humanoids continue to advance!

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