Interphase isn't subtle,
DNA's gonna' double.
Come on for the ride and watch me divide,
Mitosis in a winter wonderland.

Centrioles are migrating,
Spindle fibres radiating.
Here in Prophase so much empty space,
Mitosis in a winter wonderland

In the middle chromosomes will gather,
And you can tell that I'm in Metaphase.
Then without a warning, spindle fibres,
Will pull them all apart in Anaphase.

Telophase follows quickly,
Nuclei bounded thickly.
'Till two cells the same are daughters by name,
Mitosis in a winter wonderland

Don't you know it's all a normal cycle,
Cells divide when they have grown too big.
Body cells are gonna' need replacing,
In cats and dogs and even in a pig.

Gone away are my asters,
Resting stage, greener pastures.
My chromatin strands are all holding hands,
Mitosis in a winter wonderland