Drag-and-Drop for Grade 11 Biology
In these Flash Drag-and-Drop games for Grade 11 Biology   you can move images (molecules, chemical symbols, etc.) with your mouse and place them in specific locations.


Drag-and-Drop Cell Membrane   Drag-and-Drop Cell Membrane  
Create your own model of the cell membrane by dragging many of the typical cell membrane components. Includes phospholipids, integral proteins (transport proteins), peripheral protein (glycoprotein), molecules transported through the membrane and more! Print out this diagram of the completed cell membrane and colour it!
Drag-and-Drop Cell Organelles   Drag-and-Drop Cell Organelles  
Drag-and-drop review of cell organelles. Print this worksheet out to go with the activity and complete it when you have all the right answers.
Drag-and-Drop Cooler Molecules   Drag-and-Drop Cooler Molecules  
It doesn't get much better than this! This drag-and-drop game will guide you in placing the atoms needed to build your molecules.
Drag-and-Drop DNA Model   Drag-and-Drop DNA Model  
Use the basic building blocks of DNA (base, sugar and phosphate) to assemble a short strand of DNA by dragging and dropping the components into guide spaces.
Drag-and-Drop Genetics   Drag-and-Drop Genetics  
Practice a variety of Mendelian genetics problems (monohybrid, blood type, sex linkage, pedigree) right in your browser!
Drag-and-Drop Pedigree (Flash version)   Drag-and-Drop Pedigree (Flash version)  
Solve genetic problems and create pedigrees for tongue rolling, eye colour, diabetes, and hypertension! Includes a short quiz for each problem.
Karyotype Drag-and-Drop   Karyotype Drag-and-Drop  
Drag the chromosomes and pair them up to make 3 different karyotypes and then answer questions about the chromosomal defects and syndromes.