Blood Type (Codominance)

  1. Drag genes from the left side of the table into the top right box to create the genetic cross. Place the genes on both sides of the "x" symbol. Check your work.

  2. From the remaining genes, drag genes into the middle box to make the Punnett square. There should be no genes left over. Check your work.

  3. Solve the questions in the bottom box. For percent answers, include the percent sign with no space after the numbers (ie.75%). For word answers, use all small letters (ie. yes).

Cross a type A individual with a type O individual.
( A = dominant, B = dominant, O = recessive )







Punnett Square:

If "-" is A, what percent of the offspring have type A blood?
(ie. 25%)

If "-" is O, what percent of the offspring have type O blood?

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