1. Solve the genetic problem on paper before attempting the pedigree.

  2. Drag the symbols representing males and females from the left side of the table into position on the pedigree chart. It does not matter exactly where you place the symbols for males or females.

  3. Drag the genotypes and place them below each symbol in the pedigree. Check your work.

  4. Solve the questions in the bottom box. For percent answers, include the percent sign with no space after the numbers (ie.75%). For word answers, use all small letters (ie. yes).

Hemophilia is a recessive sex-linked disorder. Cross a woman who is a carrier for hemophilia with a normal man.
( H = normal blood, h = hemophilia )




Of all the offspring, what percent are hemophiliac sons?
(ie. 25%)

Do any daughters suffer from hemophilia?

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