Problem 1: Tongue Rolling
Tongue Rolling
Problem 2: Eye Colour
Eye Colour
Problem 3: Diabetes
Problem 4: Blood Type
Blood Type

    Student Activity

  • Intended for students in Grade 11 Biology.

  • Includes 4 genetic problems with pedigrees and a quiz at the end.

  • Solve each problem by building the pedigree and answering the questions.

  • Copy the problem, pedigree and questions/answers into your notes.

  • Staple your notes together and add your name. Your teacher may ask you to submit your work.

    Gameplay Tips

  • Drag the images representing males, females and genotypes into position on the pedigree tree. Left-click on an image and hold to drag it.

  • Use the "Check Pedigree" and "Check Answer" buttons only AFTER you have attempted to solve the problem and built the pedigree. The first two genetic problems allow you to see the correct pedigree but for the last two problems you are on your own. Good luck!

  • For entering percent answers, do not include the percent sign or any spaces, just the numbers (ie.75).

  • For entering word answers, use all small letters (ie. yes).

  • For entering crosses, use capital and small letters for dominant and recessive genes and leave a space before and after the "x" sign. You can use a "dash" for unknown genes (ie. T- x Tt).

  • For entering blood types, use capital letters for dominant genes and include the "I" (ie. IBIB and IAIB). Note the small letter "i" for the recessive gene (ie. IAi and ii). Do not use the word "Type" in your answer and don't worry about superscripts.

  • Works best with Internet Explorer with 1024 x 768 (or larger) screen size.

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