Problem 1: Tongue Rolling
Tongue Rolling
Problem 2: Eye Colour
Eye Colour
Problem 3: Diabetes
Problem 4: Blood Type
Blood Type

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1.A homozygous dominant female is represented by a(n):
2.A carrier male is represened by a(n):
3.In this tongue rolling cross, Rr x rr, what percent of the offpsring will be homozygous recessive?
4.The genotype for a tongue-roller is:
5.The genotype for blue eyes is:
6.In this eye colour cross, Dd x DD, what percent of the offspring will have blue eyes?
7.True or False? A pedigree is a quick way to see all the genotypes and phenotypes in an entire family.
8.True or False? A male with diabetes would be represented by a half filled circle.
9.True or False? A man and woman both with type B blood can produce a child with blood type O.
10.Choose the genotype for the co-dominant blood type.
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