High school biology website with flash animations. Requires current Flash player.
Drag-and-Drop for Grade 9 Science
In these Flash Drag-and-Drop games for Grade 9 Science   you can move images (molecules, chemical symbols, etc.) with your mouse and place them in specific locations.


Drag-and-Drop Bread Mold   Drag-and-Drop Bread Mold  
Create a model of bread mold reproducing asexually by sporulation and add labels.
Drag-and-Drop Cooler Molecules   Drag-and-Drop Cooler Molecules  
It doesn't get much better than this! This drag-and-drop game will guide you in placing the atoms needed to build your molecules.
Drag-and-Drop DNA Model   Drag-and-Drop DNA Model    Video Tutorial (2.5 MB)  
Put together a DNA molecule 4 base-pairs long.
Drag-and-Drop Electrical Circuits 0: Equations   Drag-and-Drop Electrical Circuits 0: Equations
Arrange the symbols to create four important electricity equations.
Drag-and-Drop Electrical Circuits 1   Drag-and-Drop Electrical Circuits 1
Practice creating simple circuit diagrams by dragging electrical components into place along the wires. Requires "McGraw-Hill: Science Power 9" textbook.
Drag-and-Drop Electrical Circuits 2   Drag-and-Drop Electrical Circuits 2
A more complicated circuit with bulbs in series and parallel.
Drag-and-Drop Electrical Circuits 3   Drag-and-Drop Electrical Circuits 3
A more complicated circuit with bulbs in series and parallel and batteries in series.
Drag-and-Drop Electrical Circuits 4: Flashlight   Drag-and-Drop Electrical Circuits 4: Flashlight    Video Tutorial (1 MB)  
Create the circuit diagram for a flashlight.
Drag-and-Drop Electrical Circuits 5: Rooms   Drag-and-Drop Electrical Circuits 5: Rooms
Wire up your house or apartment with some track lights, a TV and radio, bulbs, switches, etc.
Drag-and-Drop Field of View   Drag-and-Drop Field of View
Practice using an acetate ruler to determine dFOV and actual size.
Drag-and-Drop Hydra   Drag-and-Drop Hydra  
Create a model of hydra reproducing asexually by budding and add labels.
Drag-and-Drop Periodic Table v2.0   Drag-and-Drop Periodic Table v2.0
Drag the symbols for the first 18 elements to their proper places on the blank Periodic Table. This is an updated version! Maximize your browser window. In Internet Explorer, press F11.
Molecule Magic   Molecule Magic
Match the names for some common chemicals with their chemical formulas. Maximize your browser window. In Internet Explorer, press F11.
Drag-and-Drop Bread Mold
Drag-and-Drop Bread Mold