Drag-and-Drop Electrical Circuits 1

For this activity, you will need the grade 9 science textbook "McGraw-Hill: Science Power 9". Some of the other drag-and-drop electrical circuit activities do not require a textbook.

  1. Turn to one of the following investigations from the textbook:

    • Investigation 10-A: Measuring Current (Diagram A and B, pg. 326-327)

    • Investigation 10-B: Energy Around a Simple Circuit (Diagram A and B, pg. 334-335)

    • Investigation 10-C: Potential Difference and Current For a Resistor (Diagram A, pg. 340-341)

  2. Left-click and drag the electrical components over the wires to create the circuit diagrams in the textbook. Mouse-over each component to read the tooltip that identifies it.

  3. Electrical components are given in a number of different orientations to choose from because there is more than one correct way to build these circuits.



voltmeter  voltmeter  voltmeter

ammeter  ammeter  ammeter

switch  switch  switch    resistor  resistor

bulb  bulb  bulb

battery  current direction  battery

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