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Once again you will work through the full process of Protein Synthesis.

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The DNA sequence in grey codes for a small portion of a protein. Transcribe the DNA to produce mRNA and translate the mRNA into the correct amino acids. Then identify the protein. Refer to the codon table and amino acid sequences.
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Amino Acid Sequence
  1. Other than UUU, what is another mRNA codon that codes for Phenylalanine (PHE)?


  2. What is the tRNA anticodon that binds to the codon you typed above?


  3. The role of the ribosome is to help mRNA and tRNA interact. It is made of two subunits and is roughly half____ and protein.


  4. Sickle cell anemia is a disease of red blood cells in which a genetic mutation in DNA leads to a mutation in hemoglobin. A single base change alters the DNA sequence CTC to CAC which codes for the wrong amino acid. What amino acid is coded for by the normal DNA sequence, CTC?


  5. For the question above, what amino acid is coded for by the mutated DNA sequence, CAC?


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