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1.Transcription is the first step of Protein Synthesis and it occurs in the:
2.Translation is the second step of Protein Synthesis and it occurs in the:
3.If a DNA sequence consists of 12 nucleotides, how many mRNA codons will there be?
4.The enzyme that creates mRNA from a DNA sequence is called:
5.Each codon of mRNA (hence each triplet in DNA) codes for one:
6.The specific amino acid carried by a tRNA is determined it's:
7.True or False? When amino acids are brought in by tRNA, they are joined together by hydrolysis reactions to form the growing protein.
8.True or False? Whenever a cell needs to, it can unzip DNA and make a transcript of a sequence so that a protein can be made. DNA then zips up.
9.True or False? The same amino acid can be carried by different tRNA'S.
10.Although not discussed in this activity, Translation actually takes place in 3 steps:
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