Captain: "Mac, this is Captain Lenox, can you hear me? I'm locked down in the Radio Room but communications are wiped out. I can't send an S.O.S. The ship's intercom is the only thing working. Until we figure out how to over-ride the lockdown mechanism, we're all confined. The Doc is with me so I'm going to put him on. Listen to him very carefully, Mac. He's going to walk you through some medical procedures. At this point, you're the only one that can help those poor guys in MedLab."
Doctor:"Alright Mac, it's Doctor Gruber. Look at the soldiers in the cryo-beds. They're all connected to the ScanTronic computer. Do they look intact?"
Mac:"Yeah Doc. They're all strapped in and wired up. What gives?"
Doctor:"In a minute. Right now, I need you to power on the ScanTronic. Can you do that?"
Mac:"Yeah...okay, I did it. Powers on and it looks like it's working."
Doctor:"Good. Now Mac, those soldiers are in suspended animation. They were injured when that alien ship fired on us. I just got them hooked up in MedLab when we started going down. I'm not sure how badly they're hurt but there's a chance you can save them. The ScanTronic is a revolutionary piece of medical hardware. I know you don't have any medical training but I can tell you how it works."
Mac:"Holy crap, Doc. I faint at the sight of blood. I don't think I'm much good here."
Captain:"Mac, get a hold of yourself. Those guys need you and I know you don't want to let them down, do you son?"
Mac:"Roger that, Captain. Okay, what do I do?"
Doctor:"Take a look at the ScanTronic. See the wireframe scan of the patient that it's generated? I want you to pass your mouse over it until a region lights up. Don't do anything else just yet."
Mac:"Did it. The head region lit up. What now?"
Doctor:"Find that spot again and when it lights up, click the mouse button. Don't move the mouse from the area when you do it. The ScanTronic will analyze the region and show some data on the STATUS BAR at the bottom of your screen. The injury will be reported in CAPITAL letters. Give it a try."
Mac:"Just what the doctor ordered! It says there's a malfunction in the PINEAL ... whatever that means."
Doctor:"Yes, Mac. That means this patient has had injury to his pineal gland in the brain. The ScanTronic has pin-pointed the region for us. I expect that most of the patients will have multiple injuries so you'll have to scan thoroughly. Now, power on the MedLab Computer but don't do anything else. Let me know when it's running."
Mac:"Okay, Doc. MedLab Computer is on."
Doctor:"Good. You are going to use the MedLab Computer to generate a more precise diagnosis based on the data from the ScanTronic. You see, the ScanTronic can locate an injury but it can't diagnose the exact problem. Neither can the MedLab Computer, for that matter, but it narrows it down quite a bit. When you type the data from the ScanTronic into the MedLab Computer, the computer will querry a high level medical database and a Diagnosis screen will load. From there, you will treat the patient. But Mac..."
Mac:"Yeah, Doc?"
Doctor:"It's an irreversible process. Once you settle on a diagnosis and start the treatment, you can't go back. And if it's the wrong diagnosis it's going to cause some damage, maybe serious damage. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
Mac:"Jesus, Doc! I don't like the thought of killing off the friendlies! The damn aliens are bad enough..."
Captain:"Mac, you're their only chance! If there was any other..............."
Mac:Captain? Doc? Can you read me? I'm not receiving. Repeat, I'm not receiving...
click to run ScanTronic and display info on STATUS BAR


Injury 1

Injury 2

Injury 3

Injury 4

(ScanTronic output appears below)