Who Am I?:
I'm a recently retired Canadian high school science teacher. I taught for 25 years here in Canada including 1 year in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I created this website because I want to help students achieve their best and I enjoy working on internet projects. In my spare time, I continue to create science animations, games and quizzes and I hope to keep updating zeroBio with new and engaging resources.

I've sold some of my science animations to text book companies and I am currently looking for more work of this kind. Many teachers write me and ask for my permission to use the resources on zeroBio for their classes. I'm happy to hear from them and grateful that my efforts are appreciated.

In addition to being a teacher and web designer, I'm also a musician. I spent many of my younger years playing in clubs. I have my own recording studio where I write and record original music.

To listen to my music and watch me play, go to my YouTube channel and check out these playlists:

To watch my FREE science video tutorials, go to this playlist:

If you prefer individual tutoring, I am available for personalized one-on-one Skype tutoring.

~ Elliott Kimmel

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